Respect for Nature

Salton Winery has already developed several programs aiming not only to preserve the nature but also to promote environmental awareness among adults and children. Among these programs is the effluent treatment station, an area of 1,500 square meters which was built considering the guidelines of Fepam – the state foundation for environmental issues. Underground pools of 3 million liters allow the wastewater to undergo treatment, going back to nature when purified. The preoccupation concerning the planet continues. In 2006, the company released the project called Salton Environmental Project, aiming to promote environmental awareness among students from first to fifth grades of public schools and also to show Salton’s actions concerning recycling. At Salton Winery, the organic waste, for example, is reused by distilleries, fertilizer industries and also as animal food. Still, staff from all departments is encouraged to separate organic waste from recyclable through baskets suitable for each product.