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Tourism at Salton

In the almost one century of its existence, Salton Winery’s mission is to make healthy and high quality wine, sparkling wine and juice, promoting the maximum satisfaction of its consumers. The winery, which is the major sparkling wine producer of the country and has been the number one in sparkling wine sales for four consecutive years, has a history highlighted by innovations, qualification and investments. With the main office located in Tuiuty, in Bento Gonçalves, the winery works in a 30,000 square meter area and has a high qualified staff. They are professionals graduated in Enology and Tourism, specialized in their working area, always trying to meet the expectations of the visitors.

One of its several attractions is the sun clock located in the center of the frontal part of the main building. Made with Italian marble, special varnish and semi-precious stones, using the sun shadows, it shows the time, the seasons and changes in the zodiac constellations. The garden is another attraction and, along with the main building, it has been designed by the architect Júlio Pozenatto. Charming and beautiful, the place highlights much green in a singular symmetric way. A wide wine store of 300 square meters and located in the underground of the winery is the place where visitors can find all the products for sale.

Salton is already one of the main tourist attractions, bringing many tourists to the region, who are interested in getting to know the winemaking process and the natural beauty of the place.