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Intenso Tannat

Composição: Tannat

After the separation of the stalks the grapes are send to the tanks to start the fermentation process with selected yeasts. The temperature is controlled so that it never reaches more than 25°C, This process takes 7 days.

Características do Intenso Tannat

Wine with intense purple color with aromas resembling fruit such as blueberries, blackberries, plums and dry leaves, mushroom, nuts, eucalyptus mint, black pepper and other spices. Its tannins are remarkable with good permanence of the flavors in the mouth.


Salad, seafood, fish, Thai food and roast chicken.

Terroir Campanha

Temperatura de consumo16º - 18ºC

GuardaMeia Guarda


Volume 750ml

Graduação alcoólica 13% Vol.

Intenso Tannat

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