Salton Premium Collection

Salton Ouro Extra Brut

Straw yellow color, with abundant detachment of fine bubbles. Aromas of white fruits, such as green apple and peach, and citrus, as well as floral, yeast and dried fruit notes. Refreshing acidity, pleasant creaminess and remarkable persistence.


Straw-yellow color with gold shades. Aroma of toasted bread, delicate fragance of yeasts, citrus fruit, apple, wild flowers and vanila. Elegant on the palate, harmonious, creamy with good body, velvety with hints of acacia, honey and ripe hay.


Vivid yellow straw coloration in delicate bubbles. Aromas of dried fruits such as almonds and walnuts, honey, brioche and yeast, as well as notes of citric fruits. Of great freshness, delicate creaminess and a persistent end of mouth.


Delicate pink coloration, with abundant release of bubbles. Aromas of condied dried, citrus fruit, yeast, and brioche. Refreshing, creamy, and pleasantly persistent.

Salton Talento

Clear, with intense purple color with bouquet reminiscent of dark plum, tasted almond and raisin, small black fruit (cassis, mulberry, blueberry and raspberry), hits of violet, chocolate, eucalyptus, mushroom and nuts. Deep eucalyptus flavor on the palate with striking soft silky tannins. Excellent fruity aftertaste and lingering finish.

Salton Desejo

Intense deep purple color, with bouquet reminiscente of fruit: blueberry, raspberry, plum and raisin. Aroma of smoke, hazelnut, dried leaves, truffle, eucalyptus, black pepper, full on the mouth with a sweet attack, excelent tannins and lingering finish.

Salton Virtude

Light yellow colored. It has aromas reminiscent of pineapple, butter, green apple, melon and distinctive aroma of honey, vanilla, coconut, nuts and toasted bread, in addition to mineral notes. Well-balanced and structured flavor, with firm acidity, leaving pleasant sensation of fruit and spice in the mouth.


Featuring gold yellow color with nut, honey, vanilla, chocolate and citrus flower aromas. It has intense lingering finish reminiscent of almonds and dry fruit.